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The blueprint is the first piece that really makes your dream of a custom home, new commercial space, or residential development feel real. From there, things can easily feel overwhelming and become complicated as you navigate permitting, regulations, securing materials, and acquiring qualified labor. Rather than going it alone, AMB General Contractor serves as your one-stop developer for commercial and residential construction and provides full project support every step of the way. With extensive industry experience and a commitment to excellence, AMB is the perfect solution to successfully build your blueprints right before your eyes.

AMB General Contractor proudly provides custom construction across Washington state for federal, state and local government projects, as well as for private entities and individual developers. From small builds to large-scale projects, our contracting team is determined to provide a seamless construction experience for business owners, homeowners, government agencies, and investors alike. In working with us, you can contribute to increased opportunity and diversity in the construction industry while working with contractors of the highest integrity and craftsmanship.

Working with AMB is more than just hiring a company to provide a service. It is a partnership with a highly skilled contracting team that is committed to both quality and equity. Choose AMB General Contractor for your next project and experience construction that will last a lifetime.

About AMB

With over 36 years of development experience, owner and founder Harrilyn Smith understands the unique challenges of the industry to successfully execute your construction project. She has spent countless hours working firsthand on a multitude of construction projects and has gained valuable insight into the best methods for commercial and residential development. As an indigenous woman and independent contractor, she is determined to create opportunities for fellow women and minorities in the community to join this ever-growing industry. By working with AMB, you can help break down barriers and support progress and diversity in the field of development and construction.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Construction

Government agencies, corporations, and small business owners alike can all find the development support they need with AMB. Commercial construction is an in-depth and involved process, which is why it is essential to have a team that you can trust. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that only the most qualified contractors are brought into your project to provide the highest quality and care along the way. Timelines and deadlines are of critical importance to the AMB team, so consistent communication is upheld to keep the status of your project accessible at all times. With state-of-the-art technology, tools, and resources, the AMB build process can surpass almost any obstacle. AMB General Contractor is ready to support your commercial or government project and break ground in the Pacific Northwest.

Residential Development

Investors and homeowners both understand the value in a quality home. Residences are an impactful investment not only in yourself, but also in the community you call home. AMB General Contractor possesses essential knowledge and skills in residential development to construct quality housing for local residents. With experienced subcontractors in essential fields such as plumbing, electrical, and roofing, you can place your trust in AMB for every part of your residential project. Through AMB’s commitment to quality workmanship, our team can easily build homes and neighborhoods families will love. Whether you are a developer looking to build up new neighborhoods or a single family eager to build your dream home, AMB has the skills, knowledge, and resources to perfectly execute your dream and support one of the greatest milestones of your lifetime.

Rural Builds

Much of Washington state still boasts beautiful, rural living for those looking to get away from it all or serve smaller communities. AMB understands the unique challenges of rural development and remote construction and is able to support projects that are off the grid. Through combined commercial and residential experience, our team can develop a range of projects in remote areas to help bring housing and essential services to rural communities. Even if you aren’t citybound, you can still benefit from the expert level of care and quality offered by AMB General Contractor. The AMB team comes with essential skills and knowledge to construct and develop your new build exactly as you imagined it.

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